Head Office of Caisse Desjardins | ABCP


Head Office of Caisse Desjardins | ABCP

21:57 19 October in Architecture, Office

10-19-2015: MODERNi: The former head office of Caisse Desjardins de Lévis in the Galeries Chagnon shopping center lacked natural light and was ill-adapted to the financial institution’s needs. This led the Caisse to relocate to the Desjardins campus. It was also an opportunity to bring together in one location a number of service outlets, including the Caisse de Bienville.  The project involved the construction of a new, four-story building designed to meet LEED certification standards. The new head office is a showcase for Desjardins Group, featuring innovative office layout, functional organization, and member services that reflect the institution’s modern image…Read More!


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