Gösta Serlachius Museum | MX_SI


Gösta Serlachius Museum | MX_SI

00:00 26 December in Architecture, Museum
Status: Completed on june 2014
Competition 1st. prize, June 2011
Location: Mänttä, Finland
Budget: EUR 19,000,000.00
Area: 5,700sqm

12-26-2014:MODERNi: The site is understood as a green plateau where the manor’s monolithic figure stands imposingly along a landscape axis, sloping gently to the banks of Lake Melasjärvi. The strategy consists in placing the building out of the zone in between the manor, the plateau-park and the Taavetinsaari island, in mimicking the new building within the forest, and finally in respecting the recently renovated park, as well as the formal garden design…Read More!


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