Fisher Studio | Shawn Ewbank


Fisher Studio | Shawn Ewbank

21:00 25 April in Architecture, Studio

04-25-2016:MODERNi: The Fisher Studio is a new building sited on a large and verdant property in composition with the existing home of Mr. Fisher and his partner in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Gary Fisher is an established, working artist based in Washington D.C. and Rehoboth Beach.The program called for a space in which Gary could paint and show his work with a corresponding space to act as an office/study and “chill-out” place to which guests can retreat from the main house.From the artist: “I feel a surge of happiness when I produce paintings that lead others to glimpse the kind of beauty that I find in the mundane, profound and complex world around me…The process of painting – the act of mixing colors, applying them with different brushes, fingers and toes on canvas or paper stirs something deep within me…using color as it comes to me – unhindered, unfettered…in an unadulterated love of the play of paint against the canvas.”…Read More!


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