Tower of Hope-Christ Cathedral | Richard Neutra-Matt Construction


Tower of Hope-Christ Cathedral | Richard Neutra-Matt Construction

21:51 17 August in Architecture, Tower, Tower-Office

8-17-2016: MODERNi: The Tower is a landmark, as are many of Neutra’s works, and it was among the first commercial buildings in the U.S. to have a glass elevator with sweeping views of the outside. To free up interior space, Neutra and his son took the ingenious design step of mounting the elevator and stairwell on the exterior of the building, freeing up nearly 1,650 square feet of usable space on each floor out of a footprint of 1,850, Neal says. The signature Chapel in the Sky on the top floor of the structure will be restored, as will Robert Schuller’s office on the 12th floor, which is still available for use by him and his family...Read More!


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