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Cuckoo Clock | Nendo

23:42 29 June in Product Design, Product-Interior, Product-Interior-Clock

06-29-2018:MODERNi: 01. bookend-A cuckoo clock that can be used as a bookend by splitting the dial’s face into two parts.  This merge comes naturally as the clock and books co-exist on the shelf harmoniously together; 02. tilt – The unusual angles of both the cuckoo bird and the dial design imply that this clock should be placed upside-down. Placing the heavier internal components asymmetrically on one side of the base enables the clock to naturally maintain its balance; 03. dent – A cuckoo clock with a dent which looks as if the traditional clock has been carved out of the block. The cuckoo bird peeks out sideways from a small hole on the side of the clockl...Read More!


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