Corning Glass Museum | Thomas Phifer


Corning Glass Museum | Thomas Phifer

19:04 13 November in Culture, Green Design, Interior Design, Museum

11-13-2016:MODERNi: The clean white glass façade of the new contemporary gallery building is juxtaposed with the black exterior of the restored Steuben Glass factory building. The simple exterior glass surfaces are white, contemporary and almost devoid of detail. They frame and honor the works inside much like a vitrine. Because the exterior glass is lightly frosted, both from the inside and the outside, the layer of glass is a surface, not a transparency. Thomas Phifer and Partners sought to reveal the beauty of glass, as a simple surface, beginning with the outside layer of the building as it simultaneously reflects the light, holds the light, and absorbs nature. This building is a distilled container for glass and light; a place that serves the artRead More!


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