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Cais do Sertão Museum | Brasil Arquitetura

21:54 14 January in Architecture, Museum, Museum-Culture

01-14-2019:MODERNi:the most important architectural element is the giant cobogo facade, made of precast brise-soleil components, designed especially for the project. the use of cobogo could not be more appropriate in recife, where this construction element first came about, due to its ability to ease the relation between inside and outside, creating a light filter for those who are inside and look at the view outside through “twigs”, and a “sweet and softened” view for those who are outside, passers-by who spy on the interior. the cobogo is made of geopolymer concrete and works as a large white lace, pale in contrast to the structural yellow concrete, in reference to the caatinga vegetation, or the cracked patterns of dry soil. this drawing also became the logo for the museumRead More!


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