British Seaside Getaway | Ström Architects


British Seaside Getaway | Ström Architects

22:11 12 September in Architecture, Graphic Design, Graphic Design-Rendering, Residence, Residence-Forest

09-12-2018:MODERNi; Our design is a low in profile, simple single-storey rectilinear form containing the main living and dining area with a bedroom ‘wing’ leading off it. The master suite is the exception – this has been kept separate from the other bedrooms and is situated at the other end of the living area with access to the deck outside.  Every room in the house has been situated to maximise the views to the north, but the living areas also look out onto the south-facing courtyard, allowing sunshine deep into the plan. This creates a dramatic impact as you look through the house to the gardens and water beyond, and inside a sense of light and space...Read More!


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