Hidden Valley Desert House | Wendell Burnette


Hidden Valley Desert House | Wendell Burnette

23:03 16 August in Architecture, Residence, Residence-Desert, Residence-Plateau

08-16-2018:MODERNi; This small humble house sited on a south-facing desert slope extends a prominent flow of pinkish-red schist-shale into a simple elevated plinth that parallels the contours of the site, which run east-west. Hovering above the plinth is a large shade canopy that embodies the necessary sustenance for this shelter as a home. The thickened canopy will harvest the majority of the energy and some of the water needed for a carbon neutral house, as well as housing all mechanicals. The expansive canopy is supported by a dispersed core of peripheral mass elements that minimize overall glass percentages while framing focused views for a range of indoor /   outdoor living programs north, south, east, and west. The west end of the land-based plinth is inhabited as a thick cave, while the main level of the plinth is open in all directions and, at times, has no discernible distinctions between inside and outside...Read More!


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