White Office Building | BNS Studio


White Office Building | BNS Studio

23:42 05 December in Architecture, Office, Tower-Office

12-05-2016: MODERNi: White office building is located in Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood in north of Tehran. The building has five stories of open office space and a single high-ceiling retail store at the street level. All account for total of 1500 sq-m area. BNS design team aims at designing of an iconic façade which would create a unique visual contrast with the surrounding neighborhood. Therefore, the building is designed to have a double-skin façade. The first layer is a double-glazed curtain wall. The second layer only applied to the south and east sides are treated with series of white color horizontal aluminum louver sunscreens which protects the interior from direct sunlight. There is about 70cm gaps between the two layers supported and connected using galvanized catwalks. There are openings in façade louver at each floor level which tadalafil estrogen allows windows to open for ventilation and also create a more dynamic look and feel. In front of each opening a flower box with automatic irrigation has been attached which adds natural greens to the building façade...Read More!


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