UN.IT | M3 Architects

UN.IT | M3 Architects

23:33 01 May in Architecture, Office, Office-Workspace

05-01-2017:MODERNi: The main issue of the project to improve the conditions of work for IT-professionals in accordance with their actual needs and lifestyle.  We developed the concept of an independent module with its own infrastructure. This module was developed as the first “brick” for the future IT-city. There was developed a complete ecosystem, micro- infrastructure, which can be the beginning for the adjacent areas development...Read More!


Atrium - Lighting | MODERNi
Wooden Measuring Instrument | Dries Verbruggen
McLean Bridge House-VA | Howeler Yoon
Oaks Prague Villas | Richard Meier
Kic Park | 3GATTI
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