Animo South Los Angeles High School | Brooks + Scarpa


Animo South Los Angeles High School | Brooks + Scarpa

18:31 02 June in Architecture, Education-High School

06-02-2018:MODERNi: The perforated anodized aluminum façade panels of the building creates an ever- changing screen that sparkles in the sun and glows at night, while simultaneously providing shade to cool the building, reducing noise, enhancing privacy, and still allowing for views, great natural light and ventilation which pass through its millions of perforations. The material reappears as a strategic arrangement of screens around the building, lending a subtle rhythm to the exterior circulation. The walls filter direct sunlight that lends unexpected visual depth while creating a sense of security for the occupants. Enhancing the structure’s geometric texture, the irregular array of openings variably extrudes from the building’s surface. Its unique architectural form and integrated function creates a high-performing building that is an expression of the people who live there and the environmental and cultural context in which it is builtRead More!


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