Ama’r Children’s Culture House | Dorte Mandrup

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter feb 2013
Børnehuset på Amager

Ama’r Children’s Culture House | Dorte Mandrup

19:25 11 April in Architecture, Playhouse

04-11-2016:MODERNi: The Children’s Culture House mediates the varying scales of adjacent buildings through extruding and cutting their forms. The joint of the building, where the extened lines of the existing buildings meet, is lowered to allow maximum sunlight to reach the neighboring courtyard. The expression of the Children’s Culture House is surprising and imaginative: the roof and facades are treated the same, and the House does not have a “start” and “end” as ordinary houses do. The building is organized as a mountain. All interior spaces are visually connected, and are bound together by dynamic circulation…Read More!


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